Perth News
July 2018

EQ towers update photos

The Towers at Elizabeth Quay – Construction Update

It’s a pretty exciting time to be on-site at The Towers at Elizabeth Quay! With glass on both buildings going on, as well as, the first of the Kimberley Sandstone cladding and the prototype apartment with fully commissioned operational window complete. We’ve also begun installing the Lift and Tilt Operable Window (LTOW), a key feature of The Towers at Elizabeth Quay. These are a world first system designed by Far East Consortium. The window allows a motorised section of the glass façade ‘curtain wall’ to open fully with the press of a switch. The window allows the whole apartment to be an indoor/outdoor space. The LTOW is linked to a building management system and weather station meaning the window will automatically close once wind and rain conditions become unsuitable.

Yagan Square Construction Work in Progress

Yagan Square

Just months after Yagan Square opened in March, Perth’s new lifestyle hub is already transforming the centre of the city.

Located in the heart of the CBD within the arms of the Horseshoe Bridge, Yagan Square is an architectural marvel featuring a food market hall, cafes, native gardens, water feature, art, events and access to public transport.

Yagan Square is fast becoming the city’s most popular community, meeting and celebration place. An alluring culinary destination, Yagan Square’s Market Hall showcases the best West Australian produce at the hands of local small businesses and aspiring ‘food-preneurs’. All on the doorstep of Perth Hub, our latest WA project.

Perth Hub Buildings

Perth Hub

Set to launch in October, the $1.4 billion project promises to be one of the city’s most exciting redevelopments. Perth Hub is located within the Perth City Link project which is reconnecting the CBD with Northbridge for the first time in more than a century. Once just a network of bus and train connections, the hub will become an exciting new destination with residential, shops, restaurants, offices and more.

FEC is developing multiple sites within Perth Hub, delivering a mix of apartments and retail offerings that bring a fresh focus on sleek inner city design, with a Northbridge feel at ground level. A 250-room Dorsett hotel and Perth Arena will also attract more than a million visitors each year to the area, adding to the lifestyle and vibrancy for residents.

To learn more about the developments in Perth, please contact Jess on +61 421 961 578 or email