For FEC, sustainability means developing for the future not buying into a trend that is happening today.

Urban development offers a rare opportunity to generate something substantial and lasting that benefits individuals, communities and entire cities. Starting from scratch means the change to get things right – from the smallest detail to a grand vision that stands the test of time.

Good developers want to be proud of what they’ve done. They want their work to be exceptional and long term. This is exactly how we feel about our projects. It’s why we don’t step away once that last apartment sells. And why we continue to share our knowledge and experience with the community of people and businesses whose futures are invested in what we have created.

Like our Place to Plate initiative that involves collecting waste from all 20 retailers at Upper West Side Place and composting it through our worm farm (the world’s largest) then using the soil for the community’s award-winning rooftop garden to grow food for the restaurant below.

At FEC, we don’t walk away once our expected role is complete. Years after projects are finished, our executives continue to contribute their expertise on body corporate committees to help communities in our developments manage urban changes. Our latest involvement is helping to roll out a concierge service to control and streamline short-term stays.

Sustainability means creating value, even if that value hasn’t even been imagined at the time we embark on a project. Like installing our own fibre optic system in Upper West Side when NBN was just an idea. Now, five years later the precinct’s digital connectivity is still ahead of the game.

Sustainability represents an opportunity to do what we do best. That is, think laterally about urban development so each project takes on a life of its own for generations to come.

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  • FEC won best Urban Green Space (Australia) for our Green Roof at Upper West Side from the Australian Institute of Horticulture.
  • The green roof community garden occupies 0.4 hectares on level 6 and includes over 12,000 plants and more than 230 different species.
  • It features more than 200 established trees, with some 25 years old and five metres tall.
  • The recreational space also incorporates a rock climbing gym, garden lounge, three BBQ shelters, bocce court, pool, gym and numerous breakout spaces.