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The Fifth


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220 Spencer St, Melbourne, VIC


Cottee Parker Architects


Brookfield Multiplex


33 Retail Stores

Largest Green Roof Recreational Deck covering 1 acre



Upper West Side development is proof of our ability to create complex urban communities!

The Precinct has been a journey which has seen the transformation of one of Melbourne’s first power stations into a vibrant village. The forgotten corner of the CDB is home to an award-winning roof top garden now known as Melbourne’s green roof, a thriving retail district, public art displays and home to almost 5000 residents.

The Green roof was honoured with the AIH award for Best Urban Green Space (National) in 2017. The garden encumbrances over an acre of community space and a botanically inspired oasis. It’s lush green environment providing a surreal escape from a busy CBD lifestyle.

The roof garden has over 12,000 plants and 230 different species. There are over 200 mature trees; some 25 years old and 5 metres high. The first stage was finished in 2013.

Few developers would embark on the complex nature of building an urban oasis 6 stories in the air! FEC does not shy away from a challenge that ultimately benefits the overall communities we create.

The other residential facilities that help establish the precinct lifestyle are; multiple pools, gyms, cinema, reading rooms, library, board rooms, function rooms, garden lounge, an outdoor rock-climbing park, BBQ’s and free wi-fi throughout.

The architecture is of varying forms, shapes and colours. The design language is elaborate and inspired by renowned Melbourne artist James Clayden.

There is public artwork on the ground plane by both local and international street art super stars. Their work helping to create an urban outdoor gallery and what has been dubbed Melbourne’s First Street Art Precinct.

Our retail space spans half a city block, has created 2 new public laneways, restored items of state significance and reclaimed abandoned buildings. It was our goal to create a uniquely Melbourne centric space. One which is now humming with activity.

Higher Ground Café & Restaurant is just one example of how a lost building is now one of Melbourne’s hottest spots and a highly acclaimed/awarded space.

FEC believes that the UWS precinct has provided a new community; one that can enjoy it’s environment, support CBD business and promote vertical living as a sustainable choice.