Queens Wharf Tower 6 star green star

May 30, 2023

Far East Consortium is leading the movement when it comes to innovative residential projects in Australia. As developers, Far East Consortium specialises in forward-thinking, sustainability and community engagement. 

Far East Consortium’s award-winning portfolio of residential projects, including a 6-Star Green Star Community, ignites change and facilitates growth. Designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and community inclusivity, Far East Consortium’s residential projects are a beacon of inspiration for future generations. 

Sustainable Design Features

Far East Consortium’s residential projects prioritise sustainability and innovation. With a goal of minimising carbon footprint and reducing energy consumption, Far East Consortium makes significant efforts to integrate eco-friendly practices and technologies into each urban residential development. Where possible, residential towers, hotels and retail spaces are built with green materials, renewable energy sources and efficient water management systems.

Some of Far East Consortium’s most sustainable efforts include curating rooftop gardens that work to enhance air quality and support biodiversity, installing rainwater harvesting systems and collecting grey water to water gardens, and emphasising the use of eco-friendly materials in construction.

Innovative Design Features

Far East Consortium’s innovation goes beyond sustainability. As more and more Australians move towards inner-city living, Far East Consortium’s developments are reinventing what it means to live in a residential tower. High-rise apartment living doesn’t traditionally foster a sense of connection and belonging, but Far East Consortium has changed that by incorporating innovative design elements that promote wellbeing and community engagement. These elements, such as open green spaces, rooftop gardens and communal areas encourage social interaction amongst residents. The seamless blending of innovation and comfort creates living environments that inspire and connect. 

Creating Thriving Communities

Far East Consortium’s focus on creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere allows for residents to feel a true sense of community. With community spaces strategically incorporated into every residential project, connecting and engaging is enabled and encouraged, whether through fitness, shared working spaces or entertainment areas. The diverse range of amenities and shared spaces enhances the quality of inner-city life for all residents. 

Case Studies

Far East Consortium is developing some of the most impactful residential projects in Australia. Some of these include the recently completed West Side Place in Melbourne and Brisbane’s newest development, Queen’s Wharf.

Case Study: Far East Consortium’s West Side Place

West Side Place by Far East Consortium is Melbourne’s biggest inner-city development, taking innovative luxury living to a new level. The project’s design showcases an inspired architectural approach, with towering facades that feature intricate art installations and thoughtfully curated public spaces.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the development, evident in its commitment to renewable energy and resource management. The incorporation of green building technologies, such as energy-efficient systems and water conservation measures, has significantly reduced West Side Place’s environmental impact. 

Moreover, the project’s dedication to community initiatives has helped cultivate a strong sense of belonging. West Side Place features vibrant communal spaces, such as public community gardens, and indoor gathering spaces, fostering social interaction and creating opportunities for residents to connect. As with the Upper West development, the West Side Place development actively supports local businesses through partnerships and provides platforms for community events and cultural activities. 

West Side Place has not only redefined the physical landscape, but has set a new standard for urban development. 

Case Study: Far East Consortium’s Queen’s Wharf

Far East Consortium’s Queen’s Wharf is the first development in Brisbane to be awarded the prestigious 6-Star Green Star Communities rating. The award highlights Far East Consortium’s innovation and commitment to social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

The development stands out for its thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces that reflect the region’s subtropical character and encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. The unique spaces will also serve as venues for community events and cultural experiences to promote inclusivity and diversity among residents.

Queens Wharf will foster a sense of connectedness to Brisbane and surroundings. From the integrated Indigenous story-telling elements of Mangrove Walk, to the diverse range of 50 restaurants and bars that showcase Queensland’s world-class produce, the development will celebrate local identity and culture.

With investments in community infrastructure and the inclusion of renowned international hotel brands, the Queen’s Wharf development is also expected to boost job creation and economic development. 

Environmental sustainability is paramount for Far East Consortium, exhibited by the use of energy-efficient design, water conservation strategies, and waste reduction initiatives throughout development. The development also has comprehensive climate adaptation and resilience plans in place to address future climate challenges.

More than just a residential project, Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is a transformative endeavour that will inspire future generations. By prioritising social, environmental, and economic considerations, the development sets the stage for a more sustainable future.

Future Plans and Visions

Far East Consortium’s commitment to inspiring future generations goes beyond existing projects. As forward-thinkers, Far East Consortium will continue to raise standards and promote innovation across inner-city residential building projects. 

By placing an emphasis on innovative design, green technology, and community-focused initiatives, each new development will set a precedent for generations to come. 

Learn more about Far East Consortium’s current projects, and discover more about how they are creating thriving, sustainable communities across Australia.